2008 First Update

Wow it has been a very long time since ive updated the site. And I’d like to take the time to say sorry I haven’t been keeping this site up to date. I kind of got lost on a game addiction to halo 3 which led to other game since I last was on here. The thing that really sucks is I could have had some really talented people working with us if I would have checked the sites email. There were a few very talented artists that wrote to the site wanting to work with us and I didn’t get back to them in a timely fashion. So im sorry for that and I hope to get some people real soon to help with some of the great ideas I have written out.

When I finally get something to show to you all it will debut on our other site I find it appropriate to keep the studios site separate from the content we will be creating. Also we are going to be teaming up with our partner company
to bring you comics and animated titles. And one last thing im going to create a blog so people can post comments to our updates and so on. So please be patient while I work out the kinks and start kicking some creative ass over here.

Posted by Josh @ 9:34 am 8/16/08

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Its Working

Well i finally sat down and worked on some stuff for the site. I just added artwork to the Black & White and 3D Gallery. You will notice the galleries look different, that is because i added LigthBox to the site. Now the great artwork can be shown with out making the site look bad. We are very hard at work on the upcoming comic Retired Assassins. I have the .com name for it already and we are in the story development and character design faze at the moment. I was thinking we would have this thing out by now but its a lot of hard work to get this done. So look forward to my next update with how thing are progressing. Check out our YouTube site for some short 3D animations.

Posted by Josh @ 9:55 9/03/07

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Hard at work as usual... I'm trying to update some stuff on the site and thinking of a redesign. we just moved servers and we now have a permanent home so no down time for the site anymore and a load of more bandwidth to play with. Ill be adding some new artwork from some of the new staff and also some new project art from some of our upcoming titles. Also we have almost completed our intro animation. I'm very excited to show it to you all. Keep checking back for more updates.

Posted by Josh @ 6:27 7/25/07

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