About Us

The idea for Illuminated-Creations came to me in 2005. I’ve always wanted to make a website that could hold Artwork, Comics and Animation created by myself and others. The whole purpose of this site is to share and let others discover great works of art, as well as something new to enjoy and look forward to.

Our mission is to bring new forms of art together through different methods of creating, while combining our talents to bring life to thoughts and ideas. I love the feeling when I show a piece of art to someone, and they have a deep reaction when they see it for the first time. I want to share that feeling with others, giving them an outlet for their creations.

Art is an external expression of our emotions. Sharing this emotion is fun and exciting. Illuminated-Creations is here to showcase all of these things, and more — so share the talent. Who knows — we could be looking at your works of art someday.