We are now looking for artists of any kind. We want to see different styles combine and mingle. From Cartoonists to animators we are open to anything that can spark the imagination. Please take a look below at all the openings we have.


Cartoonists -

We are looking for a few cartoonists to share there creations and become a part of our family. We are just starting out and starve for your knowledge and talent. We need some one that can create there own comics and also work with us to develop our comics as well. If you are interested at all please send us an email to: Subject: Cartoonist

Animators -

We are looking for some great animators ready to bring stuff to life. We need a range of animators that can animate in 3D, Flash, and 2D. We are open to any content just not to much sex or violence. We have a few titles in the works and need the help to finish. Also we are glad to take on any new ideas you might have. If you are interested please email us at :
Subject: Animator

Concept Artists -*

We are looking for some talented concept artists to help us bring our new stories to life. This is an important job that helps us picture new characters and worlds through drawings. We really need some fresh talent to help us create the next big thing. We are looking for concept artists that are very creative and must be able to think outside of the box. We deal with a wide range in stories and design so some one that can go change art styles is suggested. If anyone out there is interested please email us at :
Subject: Concept Artist

Story Board Artist -*

We are looking for some one that can help us connect with our artists through story boards. The story board artist plays a key role in laying out the story piece by piece. The story is the most important part of any animation or comic. its what draws you in and leaves you wanting more. We need a skilled artist that is good at laying out a story on paper and story boards. The person doesn't have to have the best drawing skills but need to be able to tell a story well through there story boards. If anyone out there is interested please email us at :
Subject: Story Board Artist


* = New Posting